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RUL-SONWON participates in WORLD CANCER DAY RALLY for CANCER sensitization.

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WORLD CANCER DAY RALLY (ENUGU) 2019 in a glance.  Click to enlarge thr pics.

RULDIN-Society for Neglected Women of Nigeria is not-for-profit and non-governmental organization duly registered by Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria (CAC/IT/NO.35344) and Enugu State Ministry of Gender Affairs and Social Development (ENS/MAGSD/GAD/379) with a mandate to “changing lives and Making Society Better…”
Since its inception in 2009, RUL-SONWON has championed the empowerment of the poor through various entrepreneurial training and provision of revolving loan. The organization has also worked tirelessly towards the respect of women’s right, made the retention of girl child in schools a priority. In recent times, the organization has brought to light the need to empower youths and in doing this, it has designed and implemented training programmes geared towards making youths self employable and also assist them establish and manage small business. 
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